CCPulse - Contrasting Color Functionality

CCPulse – Contrasting Color

One of our blog subscriber Ted Lizotte asked this question

We have a window that used to look like this:

And since our CCPulse upgrade to looks like this:

CCPulse Current

Simply making the background Action Black solved the problem before.  I was wondering if another Action that set the font color to black would work? We’ve basically put two different Service Level thresholds in the same window to save space and blacked out the one that didn’t apply.  But now it since it now turns the font white, it’s defeating the purpose.


From version, CCPulse uses contrasting color for text and below is actual snippet from CCPulse release notes

 Now CCPulse+ uses a contrasting color (Black or White) of the text in the Objects Pane, Tree View, and Table View for items with explicitly set background.

I achieved the same functionality using formula and details are as below

Scenario : Show background color as black if agent logged out.

Agent View

Step 1: Formula to set agent state as empty string if agent is logged out.

Scripting Expression

Step 2: Create Threshold to check for empty string.


Step 3: Create action to set color as black

Action Script

Action Script

Step 4 : Apply this threshold to the statistic and you will find background color as black when agent logged out