VMware Workstation shows network cable unplugged

Yesterday, I updated Windows 10 and came across ‘VMware workstation and Hyper-V are not compatible’ issue. I had this issue previously and fixed it (Read: http://www.lakshmikanth.com/vmware-workstation-and-hyper-v-are-not-compatible/ for details). Second issue is that all of my virtual machines were showing ‘Network Cable Unplugged’ message

Network Cable Unplugged

Luckily, it was again to easy to fix. Please find the steps below

  • Shutdown all instances of virtual machines
  • In VMware workstation, select Edit -> Virtual Network Editor
  • Click ‘Change Settings’ button as shown below

VMWare Network Editor

  • Click ‘Restore Defaults’ as shown below. Restart your VMware workstation and it came up good.

Network Editor - Restore Defaults