Tool to find default routed calls

In our environment, I found that everyday we were having small percentage of calls getting default routed. But how do you find these calls, identify issues and provide better customer service?

My search for existing tool was in vain and decided to develop it on my own (Genesys Platform SDK makes it easy to develop it too). What I want from this tool is

  • To visualize call summary for each route point – Entered, Diverted, Abandoned & Default Routed
  • See live calls for each route point – Time, Conn ID, ANI are must
  • Generate report for each call result – filter by route point

RPMonitor Screenshot


  • Identify and solve routing issues
  • Proactively address performance bottlenecks – Database Timeout, Web Service timeout etc..
  • Identify which routing points are used. Having worked with many customers, I observed many of them are not used in production environment and afraid to remove it. This will help to provide data and boost confidence to take correct action
  • Oh yeah, saves lot of time in troubleshooting