ICON Stopped writing to IDB

In our environment, ICON stopped writing interaction data to database and noticed following error in interaction server logs

Std 25024 ICON cannot preserve or store the data: ‘[SQLITE] Error

This can happen due to various reasons and listed different scenarios below

[SQLITE] Error [1], text [SQL logic error or missing database]

PQ file is locked by Microsoft index service or antivirus. Refer here to find process having a lock in the file

[SQLITE] Error [7], text [out of memory]  

Memory leak during processing userdata key-value pairs that were defined in call-custN section of adata_spec file. Fixed in version.

[SQLITE] Error [1], text [table q_db_info2 already exists], q_db_info2 table can not be created  

During ICON startup, PQ file is locked by some application. Refer here to find process having a lock in the file

[SQLITE] Error [1], text [cannot start a transaction within a transaction] 

Option ‘dss-no-data-tout’ has too small value to allow ICON to start

[SQLITE] Error [1], text [Invalid db handle]: Limitation 

Genesys recommends that you only start re-synchronizing configuration data after Interaction Concentrator has completed its startup process. If Interaction Concentrator reports the above error, do the following to resolve the issue:

  • Stop Interaction Concentrator.
  • Delete the persistent queue (*.pq) file.
  • Restart Interaction Concentrator.
  • Interaction Concentrator should start and perform resynchronization automatically.
To minimize data loss due to this issue, you can set up alarm condition and alarm reaction in SCI for ICON as below
  • Create alarm condition for Detect Event : 09-25024 for ICON
  • For this alarm, assign alarm reaction “Restart the application that generated the alarm”
For list of other useful ICON alarms, refer here