How to disable trackpad on bootcamp?

Recently, I installed windows 10 using bootcamp on Mac pro and want to disable trackpad. In this post, I will explain two possible solutions for this.

Solution 1 – Disable Trackpad Hardware

  • Click Start -> Settings and Search for Device Manager
  • Expand ‘Human Interface Devices’ and select Apple SPI Trackpad
  • Right Click ‘Apple SPI Trackpad’ and select ‘disable’

Disable Trackpad

Solution 2 – Using Third Party Tool

  • Download and Install Trackpad Magic from
  • Right-click the Trackpad Magic icon that appears in your system tray.
  • Click “Disable Apple Trackpad” to completely disable the touchpad. Click “Automatically Disable Trackpad When External Mouse is Plugged in” to only disable the trackpad if you connect a mouse.

Disable Trackpad on bootcamp