How to attach Call Start time in the Routing strategy

This is only an example. You will need to test this to see if it satisfies your requirements…

All variables in the example below are of type “Integer” (not Float) except for the “StartTime” variable in the example below which is of type String.

A Multi-Assign object in the IR Designer could be used as follows to obtain the timestamp in the format you are looking for (hh:mm:ss):

Variable name: Value:

TimeStarted => TimeStamp[] / 1000
TimeHour => TimeStarted / 3600
TimeMinute => (TimeStarted – (TimeHour * 3600)) / 60
TimeSecond => TimeStarted – (TimeHour * 3600) – (TimeMinute * 60)
StartTime => Cat[Cat[Cat[Cat[TimeHour,’:’],TimeMinute],’:’],TimeSecond]


Update (attach) the value of the StartTime variable to the call as userdata.