As we all know, agent can handle calls from multiple queues in Genesys and is tricky to find EWT (Estimate Wait Time) for call during routing. I find that Genesys algorithm to be smart and most appropriate.

How it is calculated?

Please find the details below (from Stat Server deployment guide)

Estimated Wait Time (EWT) =  AHT * ( CIQU / (AA * EP))


  • AHT (Average Handle Time) is calculated as TotalTime(Mask1, Interval)/TotalNumber(Mask2, Interval)
    • Mask1 includes ACW time i.e. CallReleased, ACWCompleted, CallMissed, ACWMissed events are used for calculation.
    • Mask2 is for call i.e.) CallReleased and CallMissed events only
    • If no calls are handled by agent for this queue, AHT is assumed to be 90 seconds
  • CIQU (Calls in Queue Unassigned) – Calls waiting in queue (CIQ) waiting for agent
    • CIQU = 0 if agents in ready state (AR) > CIQ
    • CIQU = CIQ if no agents are currently ready
    • CIQU = CIQ – AR if some agents are in ready state
  • AA (Active Agents) – Agent logged in and is busy or not ready to take calls. If AA = 0, 0.0001 is used
  • EP (Effective Portion) – Total time spent by agent to process calls from the queue divided by total time spent by agent to process all calls. Default value : 1