Genesys : How EWT - Estimate Wait Time is calculated?

As we all know, agent can handle calls from multiple queues in Genesys and is tricky to find EWT (Estimate Wait Time) for call during routing. I find that Genesys algorithm to be smart and most appropriate.

How it is calculated?

Please find the details below (from Stat Server deployment guide)

Estimated Wait Time (EWT) =  AHT * ( CIQU / (AA * EP))


  • AHT (Average Handle Time) is calculated as TotalTime(Mask1, Interval)/TotalNumber(Mask2, Interval)
    • Mask1 includes ACW time i.e. CallReleased, ACWCompleted, CallMissed, ACWMissed events are used for calculation.
    • Mask2 is for call i.e.) CallReleased and CallMissed events only
    • If no calls are handled by agent for this queue, AHT is assumed to be 90 seconds
  • CIQU (Calls in Queue Unassigned) – Calls waiting in queue (CIQ) waiting for agent
    • CIQU = 0 if agents in ready state (AR) > CIQ
    • CIQU = CIQ if no agents are currently ready
    • CIQU = CIQ – AR if some agents are in ready state
  • AA (Active Agents) – Agent logged in and is busy or not ready to take calls. If AA = 0, 0.0001 is used
  • EP (Effective Portion) – Total time spent by agent to process calls from the queue divided by total time spent by agent to process all calls. Default value : 1