Genesys Customer Care - Auto follow-up

Recently, Genesys re-designed their auto follow-up process for customer care tickets. As per new process, follow-up process is triggered whenever Genesys proposes a solution or requests information for an open case as below

  • First follow-up – After 2 business days without response
  • Second follow-up – After 5 business days without response
  • After 10 business days, ticket will be closed and notification sent to user.

In many cases, even though I provided response to Genesys & waiting for feedback, I still got auto follow-up messages and tickets were getting closed. As an user, it was frustrating experience and raised it with Genesys about this process

Now I received clarification on how this process works and thought will share it with you

  • We need to provide response by using web interface only. Unlike old ticketing system, replying to emails doesn’t change ticket status
  • I used to update ticket by using ‘Post Update’ button. Genesys confirmed that it doesn’t change ticket status and we should use ‘Provide response’ button from top of the page. Screenshots below for reference.

Use ‘Provide Response’ button

Don't use 'Post Update'

Don’t use ‘Post Update’


My opinion – and I shared it with Genesys – it doesn’t help end user/customer. As such, Genesys environment is complex to understand for any new comer and always encourage support engineers to use phone conversation to seek clarifications. Auto follow-up process should be triggered only when the solution is provided & agreed by customer or when support engineer enables it.

Hope Genesys will improve process to help customers 🙂