Deployment Sequence for Genesys Inbound Voice Solution

I received emails requesting for Genesys deployment sequence for inbound voice solution. As informed to you earlier by email, please find the deployment sequence as below

I prefer manual installation of the components and you may use the wizard to install components from Management layer onwards.

1. Configuration Layer

  • DB Server (providing access to the Configuration Database)
  • Create & Initialize Configuration Database with appropriate access
  • Configuration Server
  • Encrypt password in configuration file using command line argument as

“confserv -p

  • Configuration Manager
  • Configuration Server Proxy (optional)
  • Configuration Import Wizard (optional)
  • Configure Host in Configuration Manager

2. Management Layer

  • Log DB Server (providing access to the Centralized Log Database)
  • LogDAP
  • Message Server
  • Create and Initialize Centralized Log Database
  • Local Control Agent
  • Solution Control Server (SCS)
  • Solution Control Interface (SCI)

To view logs in SCI, you need to set “db_storage” option in Message server to “true”

Please Install “FlexLM License Manager” before the Media Layer implementation.

3. Media Layer

  • T-Server

4. Services Layer

  • DB Server
  • Routing Stat Server
  • Routing Message Server
  • URS
  • IRD (GUI Application to create, load and monitor strategies)
  • Reporting Stat Server
  • CCPulse+ (GUI Application to view real time reports)

I haven’t included historical reporting here, as I feel most of the customers will be migrating for Call Concentrator (CCon) or Interaction Concentrator (ICON)