CCpulse Thresholds and Actions - A simple workaround.

CCPulse is not as boring as CCplus you know? (Now C++ guys plz dont curse me 🙁 ) Its worth playing around… We will look at a small example which uses thresholds and actions..

The requirement is:
CCPulse has a view which shows State of the agent. When agent in on state ‘Call inbound’ for:
0-24 seconds = The state ‘callinbound’ should be in normal colour
25-85 seconds = Yellow Colour
85 and above = Red colour

To begin with, go to threshold wizard (asking me where is it? Goto tools menu) and on the object type side, select ‘Agent’. Then select Newscript and click next. Give the name for the threshold say Yellow. In the Threshold script box, type the condition required:

if Threshold.Statvalue >= 25 and Threshold.Statvalue <= 84 then
Threshold.Result = true
End If

Test and finish. (If you dont test you may not get the finish button.. so dont break your head with the disabled button 🙂 ) .
Now its time to get into action.. I mean action wizard. Create a new action script say yellow and in the ‘Action Script’ type as:


Now repeat the same for Red script except that the condition and color in action should differ:

if Threshold.Statvalue > 85 then
Threshold.Result = true
End IF

For the ‘Red’ action:

Now go to the CCpulse view and right-click on the statistic ‘CallInbound’, select ‘set threshold’. Apply Yellow threshold and yellow action and similar for Red. Drop a inbound call on the agent and watch the statistic. It should change the colour like a chameleon 🙂 .

Gururaj S