Record History logging provides you with additional reporting options for

calling lists. This logging process does not use database access to write logs;

instead it uses flat (text) files that the customer defines. You can turn enable this logging for selective calling lists.

How to configure Record history logging:

  • In CME, select the calling list
  • Go to Annex Tab and create section ‘default’, if not available already
  • Create option ‘dial_log_destination’ with value as ‘Folder Path’ to store record history log files
  • Create Option ‘dial_log_delimiter’ with value as ‘,’ to create comma separated delimiter between the fields

By default, it attaches the below mentioned mandatory fields

  • record_id
  • contact_info
  • contact_info_type
  • record_type
  • record_status
  • call_result
  • attempt
  • dial_sched_time
  • call_time
  • daily_from
  • daiy_till
  • tz_dbid
  • agent_id
  • chain_id
  • chain_n

If you want to attach user-defined fields in the record history logging, please follow the steps below

  • In CME, select the field .
  • Go to Annex Tab and create section ‘default’, if not available already.
  • Create Option ‘send_attribute’ with value as field name.

Record History log will then have the value with key as field name and value.. 🙂

I am playing with Genesys 8.0 and planned to cover the details in the coming weeks.. keep watching this space..