Attaching Record information to OCS Record History logging

Record History logging provides you with additional reporting options for

calling lists. This logging process does not use database access to write logs;

instead it uses flat (text) files that the customer defines. You can turn enable this logging for selective calling lists.

How to configure Record history logging:

  • In CME, select the calling list
  • Go to Annex Tab and create section ‘default’, if not available already
  • Create option ‘dial_log_destination’ with value as ‘Folder Path’ to store record history log files
  • Create Option ‘dial_log_delimiter’ with value as ‘,’ to create comma separated delimiter between the fields

By default, it attaches the below mentioned mandatory fields

  • record_id
  • contact_info
  • contact_info_type
  • record_type
  • record_status
  • call_result
  • attempt
  • dial_sched_time
  • call_time
  • daily_from
  • daiy_till
  • tz_dbid
  • agent_id
  • chain_id
  • chain_n

If you want to attach user-defined fields in the record history logging, please follow the steps below

  • In CME, select the field .
  • Go to Annex Tab and create section ‘default’, if not available already.
  • Create Option ‘send_attribute’ with value as field name.

Record History log will then have the value with key as field name and value.. 🙂

I am playing with Genesys 8.0 and planned to cover the details in the coming weeks.. keep watching this space..