Top 5 animation libraries for react

Top 5 animation libraries for react
Photo by Lautaro Andreani / Unsplash

In order to improve user experience, we need to add various effects to the UI elements in the web application.

In this article, I will share top 5 animation libraries that can be used in your react project.

  • React Transition Group -  provides simple components to define animations in your application. It manipulates DOM and uses CSS animations, making the implementation of transitions and animations much more simple and comfortable to work with.
  • React Motion - Makes use to physics in order to create a natural animation for react elements. You can easily create amazing user experiences using this library.
  • Framer Motion - It is a combination of Framer API and the Motion API. Useful for prototyping, adding interactivity and building animations.
  • React Spring - Modern approach to animation based on spring physics. From the docs, it is based on 'animated' and 'react-motion' to easily build animations
  • React Move - Use this library to build data driven animations for react.

Based on your needs, you can use any of the above animation libraries in your project. In my opinion, if you learn 'react-transition-group', 'react-spring' and 'react-motion', you can build highly interactive and user friendly websites.

If you have used any other animation libraries, please share your thoughts in the comments section.