Founded ContactWise

In the last 2 weeks, I migrated my blog from self hosted wordpress to managed Ghost blogging platform.

Looking back at the blog, it is nearly 4 years since my last post and humbled to see subscribers list grow by 100% every year.  Wow..time really flies

I am excited to announce that I founded ContactWise - Contact Centre as a Service platform. We are honoured to be part of Microsoft startups program in UK :-)

But, why?

Reason #1 - Data Economy

It is a known fact that business which have access to rich data tend to perform better.

Unfortunately, voice platforms still runs in silo and not easy to integrate with existing products/services.

Reason #2 - Personalisation

Going forward, personalisation is the key to win and retain the customer.

Customers expect business to know them and been discussed for years. Not many products offer capability to personalise call flows and even if they do, it comes with heavy customisation.

Reason #3 - True Cloud

Many CCaaS companies use the buzz word to promote "hosted" solution as "cloud" solution.

Business using the hosted solution lose all the cloud benefits.

If the business can't create and manage their contact centre online, it is not "cloud solution"

To offer truly personalised and reliable experience, we developed ContactWise product using cloud technologies as data consumer and producer.

We are in stealth mode and signed up few customers under beta program. If you want to participate in our beta program, please submit your details below

ContactWise - Beta Program
ContactWise is a revolutionary cloud-based contact center platform with advanced routing engine to offer truly personalised experience to your customers

I intend to keep this blog to share my experience & lessons learned in engineering, startup and personal improvements.

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