Genesys CCPulse – Show User Data

In my recent posts, I talked about Genesys CCPulse and its powerful feature (here, here and here). Continuing the series, I try to answer one of the most wanted feature in CCPulse.

“Is it possible to show user data in CCPulse?”

User data in CCPulse – Why?

Using CCPulse, Supervisors/Team leaders have visibility call related metrics like talk time, number of calls handled etc only and customer related details like category etc are available only to agent. By having user data in CCPulse, Supervisors can have more information about caller – just like agent – and make decisions.

Some use case scenarios are

  • Team leader can get visual or email notifications if agent talk time is higher than normal for high profile customers. This helps them to coach or supervise agents in real time.
  • Team leader want to view ANI, DNIS and Queue of the call each agent is handling to. I found this useful to have it in CCPulse if the calls are overflowing from one group/site to another and manage operations accordingly.

Possible or not?

Can I show user data in CCPulse using out of box templates and solution?

It is not available in out of box templates and solution.

Is it possible to show user data in CCPulse?

YES’. It is possible to show user data in CCPulse using custom solution.


For this, you need server application to send Call data to CCPulse. In my previous post to access skill data securely, I developed application to communicate with Configuration Server and extended it to communicate with T-Server and provide user data for the call. Yo can find high level call flow and script used in CCPulse in my previous post.

Here is the video showing call data in CCPulse


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  • Moshe Lezerovitz

    Hi, the video is not available… and this video is really important to me 🙂

    • Hi,

      It is fixed now. Can you check now?

      • Moshe Lezerovitz

        cool thank you very much 🙂 but i thought the video will show how i can achieve that with script in the formula

        • Oh ok. I am aware that Genesys CCPulse supports user data display in recent releases. I will check this today and let you know.

          • Moshe Lezerovitz

            cool thanks a lot 🙂

          • Moshe Lezerovitz

            Hi Lakshmikanth,

            did you have the chance to check it for me?

          • Yes, managed to get it working without server application and will publish setup instructions today. Unfortunately, hit production issue on Friday and exhausted

          • Refer to my latest post to display user data in CCPulse using filters and formulas.


            Hope this helps.

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