How do I change my own password in Windows 2012 RDP session?

We recently migrated our servers to Windows 2012 and it doesn’t have windows security option to change your password (like in Windows 2008). In this post, I will explain two options to change password in Windows 2012 on RDP session

Option 1 : Change password in Remote Desktop Session (RDP)

  • Press CTRL + ALT + END on remote session. This is equivalent to CTRL + ALT + DEL on your local machine and you will be able to change password.

Option 2: Change password in RDP session through jump server

It is common that customer provide access to servers (For example : APPSERVER01) through jump server (Example: GATEWAYSERVER01) . In these scenarios, CTRL + ALT + END will not work as you RDP into jump server ‘GATEWAYSERVER01’ and from jump server, RDP into application server ‘APPSERVER01’. In this case, use below steps to change your password

  • Press Windows Key + R and type ‘OSK’ to bring onscreen keyboard
  • Press ‘CTRL’ + ‘ALT’ in your keyboard and using mouse,  press ‘DEL’ button on on-screen keyboard
  • It will bring ‘Change Passsword’ option

If you know about any other options, share it in your comments


WatchDog – Tool to monitor file changes

WatchDog is simple windows service application to monitor file changes and send email alerts in local server. Main purpose of the application is to alert Consultants & IT administrators about accidental changes in configuration files.



  •   .NET Framework 4.5.2
  •   User with Administrator priviliges

Installation Procedure

  • Create folder “Watchdog” in your local drive ex: C:\WatchDog
  • Download and copy the following files under “Watchdog”
    • WatchDog.exe
    • WatchDog.exe.config
    • FilesToWatch.cfg
    • readme.txt
  • Open command prompt with Administrator priviliges and navigate to “WatchDog” folder
  • Type and run command WatchDog.exe install
  • On successful execution, windows service “WatchDog” installed in your computer

Download Link :

To uninstall

  • Open command prompt with Administrator priviliges and navigate to “WatchDog” folder
  • Type and run command WatchDog.exe uninstall
  • On successful execution, windows service “WatchDog” is uninstalled in your computer
  • Delete “WatchDog” folder from your computer

Configuration details

File : WatchDog.exe.config

  • Service -> FlexiContact.serviceName : Windows service name. This should be unique value in the local server. Default value: FxWatchDog
  • Service -> FlexiContact.serviceDisplayName: Windows service display name. Default value: WatchDog
  • Service -> FlexiContact.serviceDescription:  Windows service description. Default value: Windows Service to monitor file changes
  • WatchDog.Properties.Settings -> smtp_host: SMTP Server IP address or host name
  • WatchDog.Properties.Settings -> smtp_port: SMTP Server port number
  • WatchDog.Properties.Settings -> smtp_userName: user name for SMTP authentication. Must be configured if “smtp_useSMTPAuthentication” set to ‘True’
  • WatchDog.Properties.Settings -> smtp_userPassword: user password for SMTP authentication. Must be configured if “smtp_useSMTPAuthentication” set to ‘True’
  • WatchDog.Properties.Settings -> smtp_fromAddress: From Address
  • WatchDog.Properties.Settings -> smtp_toAddress: To Address. Use pipe delimiter to send email to multiple address. Ex:|
  • WatchDog.Properties.Settings -> smtp_enableSSL: Set to ‘True’ if SMTP Server requires SSL. Valid values: TRUE, FALSE
  • WatchDog.Properties.Settings -> smtp_useSMTPAuthentication: Set to ‘True’ if SMTP Server requires authentication. Valid values: TRUE, FALSE

For changes to take effect, you need to restart application/service

File : FilesToWatch.cfg

Configure the folder and files to monitor for configuration changes. You need to configure each file in seperate row.

For example,

  • “C:\Temp”    => Folder
  • “*.log”        => File Pattern.

In this case, email alerts will be generated for any file with *.log extension in ‘C:\Temp’ folder.


WatchDog application Apache log4net library for logging. Please refer to

Exporting a Genesys Routing Strategy

Export Genesys Routing Strategy as Package

  • In the Strategies List, select the name of the strategy that you want to export.
  • Select Export To File from the File menu or press CTRL+E.
  • The Export of strategy <strategy name> dialog box opens.
  • Navigate to the folder in which you want to place the strategy-moving file.

Note: If a file with the same name as the new strategy-moving file already exists in the selected folder, the existing file is overwritten.

  • From the Files of type drop-down list, select the .zcf file format
  • Click Select.
  • The Interaction Routing Designer message box opens, reporting on the completion of the export.
  • Click OK to continue.

Source: Interaction Routing Designer Help Documentation

Simple SFTP Server Tool for testing and development

Here is the simple SFTP Server for lab testing purpose. It is light-weight, simple and easy to use. Like all other tools from me, just unzip and run it in your server or desktop.

Getting Started

  • Download and unzip file from dropbox here
  • Run SFTPServer.exe
  • Press ‘Start’ button to start SFTP Server

Simple SFTPServer


  • Easy to use simple SFTP Server
  • Just unzip and run
  • Requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 and runs on any windows platform
  • Supports public/private key authentication (RSA Key)

When and why should you run this application?

Mostly used for development and testing purpose. Instead of spending hours trying to setup SFTP Server and users,  you can run this application locally.

Automaton – IT Process Automation

What is Automaton?

Automaton is simple, light-weight application to automate IT processes. Using this application, you can automate many processes – Directory & File Operations, Database, Genesys Health Check, Genesys Campaign Management, Genesys List Management, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Email & SMS notifications and many more.

Brief History

In our company meeting last year, we decided to focus on our core activities and outsource our internal process as much as we can. After few months, we realized that outsourcing helped us to move little bit faster but not as much as we thought will be. We sooner found that most of the process can be automated and self-serviced and started as internal tool development for us.

Although, it started as internal project, we can actually see that Automaton can be used by our customers as well and Automaton was started in Sep 2015.

Key Benefits

  • Quick and easy implementation.Helps business to address market and customer needs in efficient manner
  • Reduce incident response and resolution time
  • Cuts cost of service operations

Design Principles

From the beginning, we know that Automaton have to be open for extension as each customer will have different set of requirements to automate process and hence, we designed Automaton to be opened for extension i.e.) to add more functionality without modifying core application.

…. And Reports

As tasks will be automated, we understood that we need effective way of monitoring the tasks and hence, developed real time and historical reporting solution. Unlike traditional reporting, we want user to customize/apply filters on existing report and export them in PDF or Excel format. I will cover more details about this later

… And Failover

We built active-active failover functionality for this application. For Genesys related deployments, it can be integrated directly with the framework so that each instance can be monitored using SCI or Genesys Administrator and user can configure alarms for log messages.

Some sample tasks

  • Automate FTP/FTPS/SFTP download and upload
    • supports public/private key authentication, Kerberos, X-509, NTLM authentication types. I can safely say 100% of FTP/SFTP operations used in enterprises
  • Monitor application or windows service. Send email or sms alert if application stopped
  • File Operations – Copy, Move or Delete files, Zip and Archive files
  • Database – Import and Export data from Oracle, MS SQL and My SQL
  • Genesys – Configuration backup (hourly/daily or custom schedule), Health Check (hourly/daily or custom schedule)
  • Genesys Outbound
    • Campaign Management – Schedule start and stop timings
    • Calling List Management – Import, Export and Purge calling list data
    • Do not call list – Import, Export and Purge calling list data

You are invited

We are planning to officially release this product in July this year and you are invited to join the beta program of this launch.

As a early bird user, you will get full version of the software and support free of cost. We expect you to receive your feedback and suggestions every week and it may take only 15 to 30 minutes of your time.

If you are interested, please contact me by leaving a comment or email me at

Looking forward to work with you and hope, it will be good opportunity to network with other members as well 🙂

Note :

  • It will be exclusive group of members and will be limited to 5 members only
  • We will do installation, configuration and training free of cost to these members.