Agent Callback Error: Agent moved to another campaign

What happens if the agent has personal callback in Campaign A and moved to campaign B…? Interesting question from the customer..

Tested and found that OCS fails with Agent Callback error in this scenario 🙁 What can we do now?

Fortunately, got workaround solution using treatments..

  • Configured treatment for Agent Callback error and assigned to Group

My customer is happy with this work around solution..if you have any other solution, let us know..

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  1. Parvesh Sheoran October 14, 2015 at 12:23 pm Reply

    Hi, please suggest the way we can reschedule Agent call back error (updated against Personal call back) to personal callback again with a time gape.

    We have tried treatment option Agent callback error to redial option but its assign call to group instead of personal

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