Monthly Archives: September 2009

OCS Call Result – Enumeration Values

Call Result Enumeration Description Abandoned 21 Agent CallBack Error 47 All Trunks Busy 10 Answer 33 Answering Machine Detected 9… Continue reading »

How to configure IVR Driver for HA solutions?

The Primary/Backup Config Server configuration is absolutely transparent for all client applications. When a client connects to Primary Config Server,… Continue reading »

Delete Old log files using VB6

VB6 Snippet to delete old log files Private Sub deleteOldFiles() Dim sFileName As String Dim sFileSplit() As String Dim sFileSpec… Continue reading »

Write log using VB6

Function to write log file using Visual Basic 6 Private Sub writeLog(strMessage As String) Dim hFile As Long Dim sFolder… Continue reading »

How to load strategies in Extension?

To load strategies in extension, you need to configure strategy details manually for DN. Let URS_01 is our UR Server,… Continue reading »

How do we peg a VQ without going through a target?

Select VQ in target block with timeout of 0 and a dummy place selected for routing. Will get a peg… Continue reading »