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Genesys CCPulse – access skill details securely

In my post about Genesys CCPulse’s powerful and least used feature, I showed example of using JScript ¬†language to retrieve… Continue reading »

Genesys CCPulse – How to show when agent logged in?

Few months ago, I wrote an post about Genesys CCPulse powerful feature (Read here) and explained how JScript language can… Continue reading »

CCPulse – Very powerful but less popular feature

Do you know that you can use JScript language to build custom statistics in Genesys CCPulse application? In my opinion,… Continue reading »

Genesys CCPulse – How to send email notification?

Create threshold using Genesys CCPulse threshold wizard Download ‘vbSendEmail.dll’ from and copy it in CCPulse+ folder (typically, ‘GCTI\CCPulse+’) Using… Continue reading »

Genesys Pulse – CCPulse Lite – Bespoke version

In my previous project, customer would like to have thin client application – minimized version of CCPulse – for agents… Continue reading »