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How to: Change an Assembly Name (Visual Basic, C#)

The Assembly Name property of an application determines the name that will be used for the compiled application. For example,… Continue reading »

Get Last Modified File from Folder

Here is sample code to get last modified file from folder Dim directory As DirectoryInfo = New DirectoryInfo(“C:\Temp”)Dim filter As… Continue reading »

Best way to convert seconds into (Hour:Minutes:Seconds:Milliseconds) time?

Just use the TimeSpan class.

Outbound : Convert seconds to UTC Time and vice versa

To convert date from export file to seconds passed after 01/01/1970 in Genesys format)        Dim sDate As String =… Continue reading »

How to set AutoComplete for Textbox in

Ever wondered how to set up auto complete for Textbox and Combo box in  In Windows Form 2.0 and… Continue reading »