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URS option on_route_error.. what it really does?

Option on_route_error defines what to do when an attempt to route a call resulted in an error, which is thrown… Continue reading »

How to handle Abandoned calls?

Is your customer worried about increasing number of abandoned calls? No worry.. 🙂You can handle the abandoned calls very well… Continue reading »

transition time: Configuration Parameter for Routing

“transition_time” is the important configuration parameter for Genesys routing solution. It defines the minimum time URS waits between routing the… Continue reading »

verification_time : configuration parameter

“verification_time” specifies the amount of time that must elapse to consider the agent as available in Genesys to receive interactions… Continue reading »

About "transition_time": Configuration Parameter

Minimum time URS will wait before using the same target.  It is recommended to have 3 seconds or higher to… Continue reading »