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Handling the leap second

Leap Second – What is it? From wiki A leap second is a one-second adjustment that is occasionally applied to… Continue reading »

Genesys – Customize log events

Do you know that┬álog events can be customized from version 7.6 in Genesys? Wait, what is this ‘log event customization’?… Continue reading »

WMI ‘Access Denied ‘ on remote computer

In my current project, I would like to monitor windows 2008 servers remotely and planned to use WMI. While my… Continue reading »

Link ‘ConnID’ with Interaction Id in Infomart

In Genesys environment, most of us are still used to track call information using Connection Id (ConnID). However, Genesys Infomart… Continue reading »

Batch file to delete files older than X days

Quite often, we have an requirement to delete old log files and used powershell scripting in my previous project. With… Continue reading »