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Genesys Interaction Workspace – Enable debug log

How to enable logging in interaction workspace? In Genesys interaction workspace, logging is disabled by default for security purpose. You… Continue reading »

Genesys URS report_targets : Why is it useful but should not use it?

In some cases, we want to understand the routing decision by URS, especially if an interaction is queued for multiple… Continue reading »

Exporting a Genesys Routing Strategy

Export Genesys Routing Strategy as Package In the Strategies List, select the name of the strategy that you want to… Continue reading »

How to disable trackpad on bootcamp?

Recently, I installed windows 10 using bootcamp on Mac pro and want to disable trackpad. In this post, I will… Continue reading »

Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) – Change Date Format

In past few week, I received multiple requests to change date format in Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX). What is GAX? Genesys… Continue reading »