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Exporting a Genesys Routing Strategy

Export Genesys Routing Strategy as Package In the Strategies List, select the name of the strategy that you want to… Continue reading »

Report Abandoned calls in Routing Strategy

Last month, I attended workshop from Genesys and BT  and found an interesting trend. One of the customer shared that they… Continue reading »

Virtual Queues and Clear Target Option

In this post, we will see what clear target option is and how it impacts call routing and reporting. What… Continue reading »

How Virtual Queue works?

What is Virtual Queue? Virtual Queue is a logical queue where an interaction is queued if the target is not… Continue reading »

How to configure the Store to Database option in IRD

Here is what to do: 1. Run Sql script against configuration Database. ird_create_tables_sql 2. Created a New DBServer Application in CME… Continue reading »