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Agent Callback Error: Agent moved to another campaign

What happens if the agent has personal callback in Campaign A and moved to campaign B…? Interesting question from the… Continue reading »

AutoCPA Call Progress test tool

  Reference: Issue overview: The AutoCPA tool allows the testing and tuning of various call progress parameters outside of… Continue reading »

Tuning Call Progress Analysis (CPA) templates for Dialogic® JCT, DM3 and Host Media Processing (HMP)-based boards

Reference: Summary: This technote provides instructions for modifying the Positive Answering Machine Detection (PAMD) and Positive Voice Detection (PVD)… Continue reading »

OCS Call Result – Enumeration Values

Call Result Enumeration Description Abandoned 21 Agent CallBack Error 47 All Trunks Busy 10 Answer 33 Answering Machine Detected 9… Continue reading »

Attaching Record information to OCS Record History logging

Record History logging provides you with additional reporting options for calling lists. This logging process does not use database access… Continue reading »