Monthly Archives: September 2014

Genesys CCPulse – access skill details securely

In my post about Genesys CCPulse’s powerful and least used feature, I showed example of using JScript ¬†language to retrieve… Continue reading »

Inspiration – Steve Jobs commencement speech in Stanford

One of the best inspirational speech by Steve Jobs. As always, simple stories – huge impact. Thank you. RIP.

Genesys – How to customize log events?

In this post, we will see how to customise log events in Genesys environment. For more information about log events… Continue reading »

Genesys – Customize log events

Do you know that¬†log events can be customized from version 7.6 in Genesys? Wait, what is this ‘log event customization’?… Continue reading »

Genesys CCPulse – How to show when agent logged in?

Few months ago, I wrote an post about Genesys CCPulse powerful feature (Read here) and explained how JScript language can… Continue reading »