Monthly Archives: November 2013

How to configure ADDP between SCS and LCA ?

In our environment, we started experiencing false disconnects and failovers of Genesys components. From analysis, I found that due to… Continue reading »

Zipper– Log Archiver tool

  Zipper is log archiving utility that compresses and archives application log files. I developed it to use it to… Continue reading »

Genesys CCPulse – How to send email notification?

Create threshold using Genesys CCPulse threshold wizard Download ‘vbSendEmail.dll’ from and copy it in CCPulse+ folder (typically, ‘GCTI\CCPulse+’) Using… Continue reading »

Genesys Pulse – CCPulse Lite – Bespoke version

In my previous project, customer would like to have thin client application – minimized version of CCPulse – for agents… Continue reading »

Tool to find default routed calls

In our environment, I found that everyday we were having small percentage of calls getting default routed. But how do… Continue reading »