Monthly Archives: October 2009

Agent Callback Error: Agent moved to another campaign

What happens if the agent has personal callback in Campaign A and moved to campaign B…? Interesting question from the… Continue reading »

AutoCPA Call Progress test tool

  Reference: Issue overview: The AutoCPA tool allows the testing and tuning of various call progress parameters outside of… Continue reading »

Tuning Call Progress Analysis (CPA) templates for Dialogic® JCT, DM3 and Host Media Processing (HMP)-based boards

Reference: Summary: This technote provides instructions for modifying the Positive Answering Machine Detection (PAMD) and Positive Voice Detection (PVD)… Continue reading »

Multi-channel Routing Vs Universal Routing

Multi-channel Routing sends incoming contacts to unique queues for each channel. For example, there is a separate queue for phone… Continue reading »

Add or Remove line numbers in Word Document

When I was preparing design document using templates, I found that having line number was useful, especially for review. Struggled… Continue reading »