Monthly Archives: March 2009

CCPulse options in menu greyed out (disabled)?

When you try to access the options like threshold wizard, action wizard template wizard etc.. on CCPlulse menu bar, it… Continue reading »

CCpulse Thresholds and Actions – A simple workaround.

CCPulse is not as boring as CCplus you know? (Now C++ guys plz dont curse me 🙁 ) Its worth… Continue reading »

URS option on_route_error.. what it really does?

Option on_route_error defines what to do when an attempt to route a call resulted in an error, which is thrown… Continue reading »

How to handle Abandoned calls?

Is your customer worried about increasing number of abandoned calls? No worry.. 🙂You can handle the abandoned calls very well… Continue reading »

Attaching Record information to OCS Record History logging

Record History logging provides you with additional reporting options for calling lists. This logging process does not use database access… Continue reading »