Monthly Archives: January 2008

Avaya Vs Genesys

Having worked in both Avaya Interaction Center (AIC) and Genesys, I would like to compare them. Please note that these… Continue reading »

Cost based routing : New offering

Cost based routing.. Good concept !! If implemented correctly, it can be boom for many call centers / organizations.  What… Continue reading »

verification_time : configuration parameter

“verification_time” specifies the amount of time that must elapse to consider the agent as available in Genesys to receive interactions… Continue reading »

About "transition_time": Configuration Parameter

Minimum time URS will wait before using the same target.  It is recommended to have 3 seconds or higher to… Continue reading »

Avaya Contact Center Express (CCE)

Avaya Contact Center Express is a Microsoft Windows-based software suite that enables companies to turn one-dimension call centers into multi-media… Continue reading »